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The Best Dog Snow Boots to Protect Your Pups Precious Paws This Winter

Christmas may still be a week away but many of us are well into the winter season where we live. And, while I’m sure you’ve all got places to go, let it snow, let it snow, let it snow. Why? Because many of our favorite four-legged’s love snow! First-time snow-pups are losing their minds over this new, magnificent, white stuff. And old dogs might as well be puppies again with the way the snow makes them act!

Even with its ability to induce joy and friskiness snow can also be a problem. It’s cold and can get itself stuck in your poor pet’s paws where it turns to painful balls of ice. Salt and other ice melt chemicals can also be harmful to your buddy’s little feet. But don’t worry, we’re here to fix that problem so the fun never has to end. So let’s talk about some of the best dog snow boots around.

Our all-around top pick

My Busy Dog Water Resistant Dog Shoes

What we like: Quality materials, tough sole, great price, a portion of proceeds goes to dogs in need

What we don’t: May not be suitable for dogs with very sensitive skin, have been known to slip off

The Best Dog Snow Boots to Protect Your Pups Precious Paws This Winter

These boots are our favorites for a number of reasons. First off, these are all season dog boots. Protect your dog from hot asphalt, freezing snow, rocks, thorns, ice, or whatever else you’re likely to walk across without buying multiple pairs of boots (or should we say quads of boots?)! These boots are built tough with a rugged anti-slip rubber sole that will let your dog keep his footing whether he’s walking across the kitchen floor, a frozen pond, or a steep talus slope.

The boots are sewn from quality fabric and are easy to put on your dog’s feet because of the split seam opening. Reflective straps tighten around the ankle’s keeping all four boots snug and secure. These boots will keep your pup’s paws dry. Remove them before heading indoors and you won’t have to deal with mopping up muddy pawprints on your kitchen floors.

The My Busy Dog Water Resistant Dog Shoes come in 8 sizes from Chihuahua to Great Dane. These boots are super affordable, and awesome price clinches the number one seat for these dog snow boots. Make sure to measure your dog’s feet and get the correct size!

And if you need one more reason to feel good about purchasing these dog boots, My Busy Dog created the Paw for Paw program. A portion of all company profits goes towards helping canines in need!

With thousands of satisfied customers, these boots are more than likely to work well for your pet. However, we would like to caution any dogs with extremely sensitive skin. There is potential for the boots to rub and cause chafing. Also, be aware that you should tighten the straps quite firmly against the possibility of a shoe slipping off.


Customize your fit

Pro-Active Paws All Weather Dog Boots

What we like: Lots of customization available, lightweight, breathable, stays on very well

What we don’t: Pricey

The Best Dog Snow Boots to Protect Your Pups Precious Paws This Winter

If you have had problems with boots falling off your dog, the Pro-Active Paws All Weather Dog Boots may be the perfect solution. The boot sizes from Pro-Active Paws are extremely customizable! In fact, they’re so serious about your dog getting the perfect fit that they practically beg you to contact them to discuss your dog’s unique size and needs.

The customer service is excellent and they will work with you to make sure your dog gets the right fit. They will even make sizes available that are not listed on Amazon.

These boots are much longer than the average dog snow boot which helps them stay on, especially for the longer back feet, where other boots fail. The velcro straps can be placed anywhere along the boot allowing you to secure and tighten exactly where your dog’s one-of-a-kind foot needs it.

The Pro-Active Paw boots are not limited to snow, and the fabric is three layers of breathable waterproof material. Natural leather pads allow for a lower weight yet still highly durable boot. The orthopedic design limits movement much less than other boots and allows dogs to participate in the full range of activities.

The one downside to these boots is the price, which is not unexpected considering they are handmade in Ireland. They are sold by the boot or in packs of two boots. This is good because sometimes you only need a single boot to cover an injured paw or you need custom sizes for each paw. However, it is also bad because it does increase the price of outfitting all four of your best friends paws.


Another excellent choice

Neoprene Orthopaedic High-Performance Dog Boots by Neopaws

What we like: Neoprene layering system, reasonable prices, long product life

What we don’t: The Neopaws website is somewhat outdated and difficult to find your way around

These boots are made especially for winter in mind. The unique design utilizes comfortable neoprene uppers and molded rubber soles that cover the entire paw area. They have also added toe caps and heel reinforcement to maximize durability. If you’re looking for a snow boot that will last a long time. This one is for you.

The layering system of the neoprene uppers is ingenious! If you wrap the neoprene correctly it will lock the upper into place comfortably and keep the boot snuggly and securely on your dog’s feet.

These Neopaws snow boots are recommended by veterinarians and dog physical therapists. Not only are they perfect for cold weather outdoor play, but they can also help comfort dogs with injured paws and arthritis. However, it should be noted that they are not meant to be worn for long periods of time indoors and are not suitable for hot weather.

Sizes are available from XS up to XXL and are reasonably priced. The website is a bit difficult to navigate so don’t miss the ‘buy now’ buttons if you’re looking to purchase.


And finally, one for the minimalist

Pawz Water-Proof Dog Boot

What we like: Thin and form-fitting for a more natural feel without sacrificing protection, both reusable and disposable

What we don’t: Less durable than other boots, a bit difficult to put on your dog

The Best Dog Snow Boots to Protect Your Pups Precious Paws This Winter

These boots are not for everyone but they have helped many dogs who just can’t abide bulky shoes. They’re worth giving a try.

The Pawz boots are quite possibly the only reusable, disposable, dog boot on the market. They are simply made with all natural rubbers that bend and stretch around the paw. This allows them to form to the foot and stay on amidst active use.

The best part of these shoes is they don’t make your pet feel totally unnatural. They allow your doggo to feel the ground, eliminating the somewhat disorienting effect caused by other bulkier shoes. These boots come in a 12 pack and can be reused until they’re worn out at which point they are 100% biodegradable and can be safely disposed of.

Thousands have the Pawz Water-Proof Dog Boots to protect their dog from snow and harsh chemicals! However, they aren’t perfect. There is a learning curve to getting the shoes on and you may need to practice a few times before getting the hang of it. Dogs with long claws may find the boots easily punctured although this can be tempered by lining the inside with duct tape as one customer suggested.

In any case, the boots are very cheap. So why not give them a try?


Final thoughts

With any dog snow boot, your best friend may go through a bit of an awkward phase. Dogs don’t generally like to have anything covering their paws. And they may hop around uncomfortably when you first put on the boot. Take care when walking up stairs or jumping into cars etc. as the boots may upset your dogs depth perception a bit. However it’s important to remember that your dog deserves the protection from painful ice and chemicals, and you know what’s best for him!

Encourage your dog to get moving if he seems reluctant. Take him outside and start walking. You will likely find that fido quickly forgets there’s anything different about his feet as the joy of outdoor fun sets in.

If you have any questions, comments, concerns or have tried any of these boots and want to leave your own review please don’t hesitate to reach out in the comments section below!


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12 thoughts on “The Best Dog Snow Boots to Protect Your Pups Precious Paws This Winter”

  • My dog looks kinda like the one in your pic.  I would love to buy my dog some doggy booties, but she just won’t keep them on.  We had a pair once, but she gets so upset with us for trying to put them on her.  She doesn’t seem to like it very much at all, and if we do manage to get them on they don’t stay on for very long.  Do you have any advice on how to get them on and keep them on your dog?She really doesn’t like booties or doggy clothes.  She is just not happy with us when we try to put them on her.

    • Hi Andy,

      It can be a challenge. We recommend you use a treat that she loves and doesn’t get very often, a piece of chicken perhaps. Put one shoe on her and then give her the treat. Praise her so much that she thinks she’s just done the best thing ever. Then continue to the next shoe and repeat the process, then the 3rd and 4th shoes as well.

      Because you said that she won’t keep them on, I recommend that you try one of the longer boot options or the disposable Pawz boots. The Pawz may bug her less because they are very minimalist so she will feel more natural in them.

      Good luck!

  • Pets also deserve protection against harsh weather conditions and the elements.  It is good to give them kind treatment you can give to your own child thereby making the use of snow boots a necessity. 

    It will protect them against harmful spikes and thorns also against cold.

    I think they are quite affordable and being disposable will remove the problem of washing . So you just dispose and pick a new one.

    • Hi Kabirat,

      I take it you are talking about the Pawz boots? Those are the only ones on the list that are disposable. The rest are not.

  • Our guy, Cyrus, does not like boots or shoes, but his Dad takes him out hiking in the winter, and we worry about his paws without protection.  We’ve had a terrible time finding something that he will keep on his feet, so I’m thinking the taller ones  would have to be the option for us.  My son made some make-shift shoes, but I’m going to buy Cyrus some of these boots for Christmas, our guy.  I want to make sure he is really protected for his long hikes with his Dad.

    • Protection is the way to go even if they don’t necessarily like it. I’m sure Cyrus doesn’t like ice stuck in his paws either. I think getting some boots for him is a great decision!

  • Well this beats everything.  I enjoyed this post about The Best Dog Snow Boots.  Everything is made available now to protect our four legged friends.  I don’t have a doggie right now but my daughter and her husband do. This might be the answer to my gift to her for Christmas if I can get them in time.

    Happy Holidays!

    V. Pearl

    • Hi Vanna!

      We think these would be a great gift. Make sure to get the sizing correct. I believe you should still be able to receive some of the options from Amazon in time for Christmas.

  • Winter is here and our dogs do need protection from the cold just like humans.  Great review of a very important product.  I agree with you that it will make some dogs feel very uncomfortable making some of them try to pull it off. Are there any tricks or methods that could be employed to hasten the proocess of a new dog getting use to these  boots? 

    • The best method is giving them lots of praise and treats. Put one boot on, and then give them so much praise they think it’s the best thing they’ve ever done. Then continue on to the next boot, and the next. They will probably still feel and look funny walking in them but make sure it’s a good experience for them. Then take them outside and watch them forget about the boots as they start to run and play!

  • I do not live in a country that snows but I think I would prefer the Pawz water-proof dog boot. Dogs paws just like other animals are designed to be used for digging. It is very important that the boots they wear does not interfere with their freedom to do things naturally. Since Pawz dog boots fits perfectly to their feet, I think they are best for dogs.

    • Hi Dan,

      Thanks for reaching out! We wouldn’t recommend allowing your dog to dig while wearing the Pawz boots as it will likely tear through the rubber quickly! If you like to let your dog dig, let him do it without the boots on. 

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