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Denim for Dogs

Whether you’re all about the low-rise, mid-rise, boot cut, skinny, bell bottoms, acid wash or anything else, there’s no doubt that denim in any style imaginable has been trendy at one point or another. But man those $250 jeans that look like they’ve been washed along with some barbed wire ($50 for the jeans and $200 for the trouble someone took to get those holes worn into it just right) can really break the bank.

Lucky for you It’s been officially decided that denim isn’t just for humans. And our furry friends require much less cash to outfit in their very own blue jeans. So if you’re too strapped for cash to spend $100’s on a single article of clothing for yourself, why don’t you live vicariously through fido and check out some denim for dogs.

As always we’ve brought you our favorite clothing articles for your viewing pleasure. Read on for your next dose of simultaneous fashion and adorableness.

Tony Hoby Jeans and Shirt

Denim for Dogs

You guys, this one makes us melt! Don’t the little built-in suspenders crossed in the back just tug at your heart and whisper, “buy me now. Buy me right now.” If you’ve got a small breed like a chihuahua, Yorkshire terrier, Pomeranian or a puppy, then you’re in luck because these blue jeans and striped shirt aren’t made for any dog larger than that.

Which is unfortunate because can you imagine that on Sandy the Golden Retriever?

It would be magical.

The best news is that this cute little ensemble will run you less than a pair of Old Navy jeans ;). The shirt is cotton and the jeans are of course denim, which, incidentally, is also cotton. They’re soft, comfortable and hand made with care to avoid loose, unraveling threads.

When you order yours, be sure to measure your pet so you know which size to get. You might want to consider going with a size up as they tend to run small. However, if the shoe doesn’t fit, so to speak, never fear, you can always exchange for a different size.

Super Star

Denim for Dogs

If your dog doesn’t wear the pants at your house then consider this less encompassing but equally fashionable denim vest and leash set. These items are made only for stars, and we know, that you know, that your dog is a star. We try to slip cat fashion into our articles to temper our overwhelming fondness for dogs when we can, and this is one of those instances when an article of clothing will work for either animal.

The star-spangled vest has a D-ring to attach the matching leash, as well as a cute little pocket to carry a favorite treat or toy along on your outings. The straps have velcro on the ends making it easy to put the harness vest onto your pet. It’s made of denim on both sides but the inside that makes contact with your pet’s skin is softer and padded to avoid any discomfort.

If your cats the type to go for a walk with you, we think this vest and leash would look especially elegant on her.

Trucker Button Up

Denim for Dogs

We included this classic, trucker, button-up because we love it! It’s equal parts casual and classy and could fit seamlessly into any dogs style repertoire.

Unfortunately, the retailer does not include exact measurement information for their sizes so it’s up to you on whether you want to take that risk. But you can return it within 15 days if you aren’t satisfied for any reason.

Cowboy Overalls

Denim for dogs

These overalls are almost too cute to look at! The three little back pockets nearly slay us. This denim is made out of cotton-polyester blend which allows it to stretch a bit better and dry a bit better if it happens to get wet. The pant legs don’t even hinder your pet from doing his business.

If your dog is larger than the toy varieties, then these are the overalls for them. They come in several sizes from the tiny measurements similar to our previous 3 denim picks up to dogs of 30 pounds. So, unfortunately, you probably won’t be getting your German Shepard to wear denim overalls, but if you have a mid-sized dog that’s a cowboy (or should we say cow dog) at heart, these overalls are the perfect match!

Please note that the shirt shown in the picture is not included but can be purchased separately here.

The Big Dog on Campus

The Dobaz denim dog jacket is perfect for the big dog on campus. The embroidered logo over suede detailing on the back communicates a unique style that harks back to an age of Letterman jackets and pegged jeans. We love this jacket because under that stylish denim exterior, is a soft-inner lining. This adds comfort and warmth for your furry pal to wear in the fall, winter and early spring.

The Dobaz jacket is easy to wear with slip-on armholes, chest buttons, and hook and loop closures that allow you to cinch the jacket for a snugglier fit. Sizes are available for pets with up to a 21-inch chest circumference.

Jacket Hoodie Combo

If your doggo didn’t choose the thug life, but the thug life chose him, consider the gray-hoodie jean jacket combo. This jacket is a classic favorite, perfect for any dog looking to up their street cred. 🙂 All jokes aside, we think this hoodie looks great with almost any fur color combination.

For pets with a back length up to 13″, this hoodie is soft, comfortable and even machine washable. Bonus! It’s perfect for providing just a tad bit of extra warmth on chilly days while not overheating your pet. Wear a jean jacket and gray hoodie of your own to match with your favorite friends. You’ll be the talk of the town 😉

Calling all pet models!

These denim clothes are an inspiration to all the fashion loving, clothes-wearing, doggies of the world. So we want to make a little online fashion show happen!

If you decide to buy any of these items, or even if they’ve inspired you to dress up your pup in any other denim outfit, we want to see it! Send your pet fashion pics to along with a note stating whether you’d like us to post it online, and there’s a chance you could end up in our next blog post!

If you’re still not exactly feelin’ the denim, feel free to send pictures of your pets wearing outfits of any material. We love to see your fashionable furbabies!

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16 thoughts on “Denim for Dogs”

  • The star-spangled vest is so cute!!!!! And with the matching leash, oh my, now I must have it. Denim has always been so cool on everyone. Am I even allowed to call them the best thing since sliced bread? I have some denim clothes for my dog and I can’t wait to buy the star-spangled vest and take pictures with the other clothes and send to you for posting on your blog. This is exciting. 

  • Wow..denim for furry pets! These are outright cute!

    I’d love one for my dog but I am new to the animal fashion thing and I don’t know how to actually measure my pet? Do you guys give guide on how a pet is measured or is the chest circumference the only area measured for all clothes? 

    I know a friend who would love to buy this so can an online purchase and delivery be made yet?

    Howe’er, denims for dogs are actually the most cute thing on my internet today. It is actually a great idea.

    I hope to get one of these for my pet someday,

    With regards,


    • Hi Sammy,

      You can find specific measurement guidelines on each product listing. They are different depending on the retailer so we recommend reading the description and following the instructions to measure your pet. Just click the link in the heading or the picture and you will be taken directly over to the product.

      All of these can be ordered online and delivered to your home.

  • Hello,

    I won’t totally agree that denim is not for humans but I must say it looks better on pets. I will love to get some of these denim clothes for my dog, but he’s really big and most of these here look too small. I especially like the jacket hoodie combo, it would fit my black Rottweiler’s style. 

    Thanks for the information, I’ll head over to chewy and see what I can find. Hopefully, I’ll be able to send in my Rott’s pictures too.

    • Hi Louis,

      I think denim is for humans and dogs. But it’s much less expensive for your dog 😉 Unfortunately, most denim clothing is made for small dogs so you may not be able to find much that will fit your Rottweiler. We do have an article featuring dog coats for larger dogs. Check it out here: Extra Large Dog Coats. Maybe you will find something you like? Good luck, and we can’t wait to see some pictures.

  • Wow, the jacket hoodie model is very cool! Since my cousin bought Golden Retriever pups, we are consistently researching about dogs article, and I’m glad to find about denim for dogs. I think pups aren’t ready to wear clothes since they are still in the growing phase, but do you have another opinion? I will tell my cousin about that jacket hoodie since it will look cool for the pups when they have grown up. Any store recommendation to buy them? Thanks.

    • Hi there! Puppies can wear clothes but of course, they will grow out of them eventually. So it all depends on whether you wish to spend money and purchase something that they won’t be able to wear for very long. If you click on the heading or the photo it will take you right to the product listing. Or click here to access it.

      Unfortunatley, once grown, Golden Retrievers will be too large to wear any of the clothing articles in this particular post. These ones are geared towards smaller dogs. But if you’re looking for something that an adult golden can wear, then I urge you to check out this post: Extra Large Dog Coats. I think you will be able to find something perfect for your cousins Doggo.

  • Hi these denim outfits for dogs are so cute. I like the trucker button up especialy. So fashionable, so cute! And so glad these won’t empty out my wallet. Denim can be expensive! Would like to see more cat options as I have both cats and dogs. Nice article with great selections of dog clothing btw

    • Hi Shelly! Cat’s don’t generally enjoy being dressed up as much as dogs so it can be difficult to find clothing for them. But we will try to include more cat options for you in the future! Thanks for the input.

  • Hi, I laugh out loud at the phrase you used, “buy me now..” honestly the temptation is real. I have often loved denim and this will be perfect for my cousin’s puppy. The shirt looks great and I love the fact that it is handmade. The cowboy overall looks great on that puppy, good to know that it is made of cotton-polyester and has three back pockets. Truly speaking, your article has inspired to start dressing puppy up, I am going to start experimenting with my cousin’s puppy and I will definitely send pet fashion pictures to your email as you requested.

  • Dear Marissa, 

    Thanks for the review of Denim for Dogs. I feel guilt that I have never bought any Denim for our dogs and don’t know there are so many alternatives for our furry friends. After reading your article, I decided to buy one for my dog.

    I like the one you list, Super Star. I went to Amazon and search for this one, but failed to find it. There are some Jeans for dogs, but not the Super Star style. Can you tell me where can I buy the Super Star one? My budget is about $50. 


  • Thanks for this informative post on denim for dogs. It’s part of the fun. However, from my little experience with this wonderful creature (dogs are wonderful), all dogs are different, they may feel comfortable putting on denim today, while the following day, you noticed they are not comfortable. I have actually stopped putting on denim on my puppies because of an article I read about clothing causing sores and leading to skin problems on dogs especially if the dog should wear it for a long time. What do you think?

    • I think that it is important to be conscious of sensitive skin. As you said, all dogs are different and we don’t want to do anything that will hurt them. If you notice the skin becoming irritated at all, remove the clothing. Some dogs may not tolerate any clothing, some may only be able to wear certain fabric types and some may not want to wear any. You know your dog and you can make the right decision. In any case, dogs should not wear any clothing for extended periods of time.

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