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Dog Christmas Sweaters – Holiday Buying Guide

It’s that time of year again! And if you don’t know what we’re talking about then take a gander at this little gem.

Dog Christmas Sweaters

Yes! It’s time to buy your lovable little fur ball a dog Christmas sweater. A Christmas sweater for doggo will not only get you both in the Christmas spirit but it will help keep him as toasty as a roasting chestnut. Because, as we all know, the weather outside is frightful!

There are so many options to choose from. So let’s take a look at some of our favorite sweaters full of Christmas cheer, to get you started on your search!

For the Frugal Fido

Dog Christmas Sweaters

Got less than 15 bucks to spend? Never fear! We’ve got you covered. Today’s frugal option is a simple classic. This reindeer/ snowflake pattern is both reminiscent of the Christmases of yore and yet, timeless. The red and white color scheme pairs well with any coat color!

This cozy, 100% acrylic sweater is soft, light, and more resilient than many other fibers making it perfect for your active pooch. It’s even machine washable!

Big pup, small pup and every pup in between can find their fit, with size options from x-small all the way up to xx-large! You can find detailed size information directly on the product page. But be aware that this sweater tends to run small, so when in doubt size up!

Santa’s Little Helper

Christmas Elf Dog Sweater

Not all of Santa’s helpers are two-legged! At least not after your pup tries on his new hand knit, Christmas elf sweater. Careful, or he may start trying to run off to the workshop to join his fellow toy-makers.

These sweaters are handmade with 100% natural wool from free-range sheep. When you purchase this adorable sweater you also give the gift of supporting ethical animal practices and production. And don’t sheep deserve a Merry Christmas too?

There are size options for your 9lb Yorkie all the way up to your 80lb malamute. This sweater is worth every penny. And really, can you even put a price on cuteness?

For the Coolest Cats Dogs in Town

Sunglasses Santa Christmas Dog Sweater

Why should cats get the corner on cool? Your pooch will be the talk of the town, with this new, shades-wearing, Santa on his back. Purchase this sweater and prove once and for all that the cat’s not the only cat who knows where it’s at 😉

Machine washable and 100% acrylic, this sweater is an easy wear and easy clean. Unfortunately only small – medium-sized dogs will be able to strut their stuff with this one. Sizes range from 8″ back length up to a 16″ back length. This measurement should be taken from the base of the neck to the base of the tail.

So if your pooch is a little too large for this one, don’t worry, we’ve got more coming at ya!

Classy Christmas

Fisherman Knit Dog Sweater

Looking for something that can not only be worn on Christmas but also all winter long? Then look no further. These classy fisherman knit sweaters are both bright enough to bring Christmas cheer but simple enough to be worn long after you take the tree down.

These sweaters are distinguished by the true complex stitching of the Aran Irish design. Full-length cables and rib-knit trim will keep your dog looking classy and cultured. These sweaters are hand-knit with 100% wool and are machine-washable.

They come in four different colors. Bright red and forest green for the more festively minded, as well as the more muted natural off-white and slate gray.

The fisherman sweater runs true to size and will fit small dogs of 15″ back lengths up to big guys with 33″ back lengths! Just remember if your pup is extra fluffy, you may want to go up a size.


Dog Christmas Sweaters

You just know your dog is your twin at heart, never mind that you’re a completely different species. So why not show the world, with matching Christmas sweaters. These ‘Let it snow’ sweatshirts are cross-species classy! And they’re customizable!

Choose from a variety of colors for both dog and human, however black and navy are the only two that will match perfectly between the species. You can also choose from several matte, glitter, and even glow in the dark vinyl for the lettering. And don’t worry, the glitter is guaranteed not to flake off with wear, or even in the wash!

These sweatshirts are handmade from cotton and premium vinyl. Purchase a matching sweatshirt for you and almost any sized dog from 4 to 80 pounds. But remember, it is very important to measure your dog for the best fit instead of relying solely on weight.

Hit the Lights!

LED Light Up Dog Christmas Sweater

You’ve lit up your Christmas tree, you’ve lit up your house, why not light up your doggo? This sweater sports an ultra-festive LED Christmas tree with paw prints.

This sweater is made from thick and stretchy polyester with a soft inner lining for the greatest holiday comfort and warmth. The lights are controlled from a small switch inside the hood. There is also a hole to slip your dogs favorite leash through.

The lights are multi-colored with several flash and fade modes. And they are motion detected. These lights are not only an adorable novelty, but they also make your dog highly visible. This will keep him snug and safe at night because you will be able to spot him at long distances and he will be visible to drivers on the road.

This hoodie is for puppies and small dogs. Be sure to remove the batteries before washing!

Happy Hollidogs

Get it, hollidogs? Too much? OK, Happy Holidays!

I hope you have found the perfect Christmas sweater for your best friend. There truly is something for every Christmas loving dog and human. If you still haven’t found quite what you’re looking for, I encourage you to browse around on each of these websites as many have them have tons more sweaters to choose from!

Merry Christmas to you, and all your favorite four-legged (and two-legged) people.

If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below and I would be more than happy to help you out!

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9 thoughts on “Dog Christmas Sweaters – Holiday Buying Guide”

  • Fun article.  I am not a huge fan of dressing up our pooch, but my better half insists on it for most holidays.  I think me and my dog have the same feeling about it.

    These are some great suggestions for holiday sweaters for our pups and I will be sure to point her in this direction when she goes to buy some new doggy cloths for our beloved little pup.

    Thanks for the information

    • Hi Mike!

      Thanks for reaching out. We’re glad our article could be of service to you. Hope your pup stays warm and cozy this season!

  • This is a very nice site and I love dogs too. Excellent information on dog sweaters for a variety of small dogs and budgets. I couldn’t see the links for purchasing very easily, do you have a shopping cart page or online store or other links? I like to see an About page before I purchase anything, so let me know when you’ve added that; also an e-mail newsletter so I can keep up with your products as a customer. Also, do you recommend any specific brands?

    • Hello Leita!

      You can find our ‘about page’ under ‘welcome’ in the top menu bar. The links for purchasing can be found at the bottom of each section, or by clicking on the photo. Our site is still very new so we are hoping to get an email newsletter up and running soon. We hope you will keep coming back and experience this journey with us. 

  • Nice article “almost” makes me want to put in a request for a dog so I could have one of those matching sweaters.

    You have done a great job in describing each of the pet sweaters and the pictures that go along. Love the dog with the let it snow sweater’s expression.

    Congratulation on a job well done.


  • Hi! I’m really interested in the cable knit sweater you’ve got listed here as Classy Christmas. I do have a question about it though.

    Do you know how stretchy it is?

    My dog is an odd size apparently. She’s not much more than 55 lbs. but has a really thick body. She’s not fat just barrel chested. I bought her a sweater sized XXL and that was still a little too tight around the body. I have to return that one and I’m thinking about buying the one you’ve got listed. I just don’t want to get too small a size and have to return again.

    Thanks for the suggestions!

    • Hi Tina! 

      The fisherman sweaters generally fit true to size. If you click the link to go to the product listing you will find a detailed size chart. Make sure to measure your dog to get a good idea of fit. In this case, I would go ahead and go a size up because your dog is barrel chested.

      Hope that helps!

  • That is so cute. I have a little pug of my own, and I always wanted to get a little outfit for him when I bring him into town. These are adorable. I like that frugal option that’s under $15! Now we’re talking my kind of budget 😛 My pug is a little chubby, so it’s good to know that he would probably fit in a bigger size. Chunky. Lol Anyway, great article! Looks like I will dressing my little man up once christmas rolls around. Perfect gift idea. He will probably hate it ha ha ~Koda 

    • Your pug will look great in a sweater! Make sure to measure him correctly to get a good idea of the correct size. It may take him a bit to get use to wearing it 😉

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