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Dog Pajamas for Our Four-Legged-Friends of All Sizes

Dog Pajamas for Four-Legged Friends of All Sizes

Stop what you’re doing right now and run a google image search for puppies in pajamas! OK, now that we’re on the same page, come back and read this article. We want to show you where you can find yourself some dog pajamas of your very own.

Whether you’d like to jump on board the adorable train full of puppies in pajamas and go full steam ahead, or you’ve got an older, larger, (but still every bit as deserving of some soft comfy pj’s) doggo we bring you this list of pajamas for furbabies of any size. Every article on this list scores high on the cuteness meter.

Some are available exclusively in smaller sizes but we’ve also specifically sought out PJ’s for medium and large dogs because we know these can be more difficult to find. Enjoy this curated list of squeal-worthy dog pajamas. We promise we’ll try not to use the word ‘adorable’ too much.

Ducks and Fishies

Dog Pajamas for Four-Legged-Friends of All Sizes

Perfect for a semi-aquatic pup, this two-pack comes with a yellow duck printed PJ’s and one with a multi-colored fishy design. These jammies are for small dogs and will fit anyone about the size of a miniature schnauzer or smaller. They’re also great for puppies of larger breeds. Can’t you just imagine how your puppy might look, all dressed up in yellow duckies?

We love the cheap price of this two-pack of PJ’s as well as the fact that it holds up well after multiple washings. The fabric stays comfortable and soft without pilling!

Frisco Whale Print Dog & Cat Jersey PJs

As we continue with our somewhat nautical theme we’d like you to check out these whale-printed PJ’s. We have a small obsession with whales here at The Runway Rover, rivaled only by our obsession with dogs. So imagine our delight when we were able to combine the two!

The Frisco Whale Print PJ’s are bright green with happy little gray whales printed all over it. Who could ask for anything else? And the good news is that they’ve got sizes all across the board. You can buy these jammies for your chihuahua, for your Labrador and even for your cat!

Polka Dot Fleece PJ’s

For something a little on the warmer side for those chilly nights, check out these polyester fleece PJ’s also by Frisco. Fuzzy, blue, and soft as a cloud this doggie garment sports brown and white polka dots to add a bit of flair. It’s also available in pink!

Available for small and large dogs alike (also cats), you can get these delightful PJ’s for your pup for a steal! Most sizes are less than ten bucks!

Dino-Dog Onesie

Dog Pajamas for Four-Legged-Friends of All Sizes

Sometimes you might feel like your pup is a little monster, let him channel his inner dinosaur with this dino printed onesie. We love the colors and design on these pajamas. The dinosaurs look as if they’ve been hand-painted with watercolors. It’s almost like you’re dressing your doggo in a piece of unique artwork.

Suitable for small dogs and puppies, these jammies (as well as most on our list) are designed to allow dogs to do their business without soiling the clothing.

Teddy Bear Dog Pajamas

At their core, dogs and teddy bears are really just the same thing. Namely, a fluffy bundle of happiness and joy. Bring the teddy to the surface with these charming red PJ’s featuring an inquisitive little black bear on the back. Dogs up to border collie size can find a pair of these that will suit their size.

Monkey Time

Dog Pajamas for Four-Legged-Friends of All Sizes

Instead of throwing your dog a bone, why not toss him a banana. These banana pajamas (not to be confused with banana’s in pajamas) combine monkey’s, dogs, and fruit in an overwhelmingly adorable way. Not only are these jammies, highly huggable, they’re also machine washable as well. These will fit dogs up to the size of a Cocker Spaniel.

A Matching Set for the Whole Family

Dog Pajamas for Four-Legged-Friends of All Sizes

We know winter is slowly but surely coming to a close for those of us on the Northern Hemisphere, although here at headquarters we’ve gotten a bit of a last-ditch cold front blowing in. Still, we couldn’t resist including this treasure in our list. Because who could resist matching polar bear and penguin onesies for the entire family including the dog!? Not us!

Nobody will be left out of the snugly, matching fun because these pajamas are available for humans and dogs of all sizes!


Dog Pajamas for Four-Legged-Friends of All Sizes

We can’t decide which we like more, penguins or whales. Luckily with these stellar prices, you could get both for your dog for less than the cost of a night-dining out. These penguin PJ’s are made of breathable cotton and are available for small to medium size doggos.

While you’re at it, check out the many other prints made by leveret. You’ll find something for aspiring police-dogs, panda-lovers, and even the little cow-dog in your life.

Critter PJ’s

Sandy, one of our resident rovers, is obsessed with squirrels. We’re convinced she just wants to be friends with them if she could only catch one to explain. 😉 If your rover is anything like ours, whether she’s looking for a friend or just enjoys the exhilaration of the chase, these squirrely pajamas are a delightful addition to the rodent chasers’ wardrobe.

Happy Rainclouds

Do you feel like your dog just rains down happiness upon you? We feel that way about our Runway Rovers. If you share the sentiment, these rain cloud printed pajamas will help you return some love to your furry friend. Smiling rain clouds on a gray background let loose multicolored raindrops of joy. 🙂 Maybe we’re being cheesy but we feel like our pups deserve cheesiness sometimes.

You can shower any four-legged friend up to Labrador size with these rain cloud printed dog/cat jersey PJ’s.

Unexpected Benefits

Besides the obvious benefit of making your beloved dog look cuter than before (if that’s even possible) pet pajamas have some added benefits to both you and your dog.

Some dogs, especially those that are very young or old can get too chilly on cold nights. An added layer of insulation from a pair of PJ’s can do wonders to combat this. Thin breathable pajama’s like those featured here are the best to help your pet stay warm enough, without becoming too hot and overheating.

PJ’s also contain loose fur and dander so not as much of it gets free to fly around and cover your household between brushing sessions. Dress fido in some pajamas during shedding season to save yourself from the tornado of hair that comes at that time of year.

We hope you enjoyed this list of our favorite dog pajamas and that you found something that jives with your style, or perhaps more importantly, your dogs’ style. 🙂

Let us know what you think in the comments below and if you dress your dog in any of these pajamas don’t forget to send us photos! We’d love to feature them on The Runway Rover.

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12 thoughts on “Dog Pajamas for Our Four-Legged-Friends of All Sizes”

  • This is so adorable! dog PJ’s are so cute, and a perfect way to keep your dog warm and cosy for the rest of the night. I really like how there is a range of different styles out there for doggy PJ’s. Even though i dont have a pet dog, i do have a pet cat, and would love to dress my cat up in her very own clothes. I do love the idea of this, it is something all dog owners should look into!

    • Hello,

      Glad you liked the article. I personally have not tried to dress up a cat, but some of the clothes on this list do have cat sizes available. If your cat enjoys wearing pajamas send us a picture and we can feature it on our blog! 🙂

  • Hello, thanks for this wonderful post. I almost had tears running down my cheek when I saw those cute pictures of dogs in those lovely pajamas, they all look so cute. Truth be told I would never have considered dressing my dog in pajamas if I didn’t come across this article but now that I did, I can’t help but entertain the thought of getting some pajamas for my dog. Thanks for this lovely article. 

  • Hee!  Marissa, your post makes me smile.  It is a lovely bit of silliness and I’ve got a couple of friends who could really get excited about the pj’s for their best buddy.  I’ll share it with them, I think.

    I don’t currently have a dog my own self and when I did, I liked them just being dogs.  However, for one friend in particular, her little guy apparently enjoys dress-up just as much as she does.  They like doing things like the Halloween pet parades and stuff like that, and he just does his own kind of strut.  It is so funny!

    • Hi Netta!

      I agree, not every dog wants to dress up, and not every dog owner wants to dress their dog. But some love it and it can certainly be very cute. 

      Sometimes, clothing also has other benefits beyond looks. Certain clothes can help dogs with anxiety, it can help them keep warm in cold parts or the year, or dry in the rain, and they can also contain loose fur during shedding season and make it easier to clean up from a single place.

      Please do send this article on to your friends 🙂

  • This is the first time I have read about dog pajamas, never thought of that. The selection is adorable, and I think this is a great gift idea for pet owners.

    I wonder if the dog stays calm during the dressing up. I know that small babies are not very comfortable when dressing up. I’m going to send this article to my friends, this is a perfect gift idea.

    • Hello Dany,

      Of course, it all depends on the dog whether they will enjoy dressing up or not. Some dogs like it, some hate it, and some don’t care one way or the other. It’s up to you to know your dog and do what is best for him 🙂

  • Dogs wear pajamas?! That’s the shock of the century. 

    I am sorry I didn’t go about doing the Google search, I just decided to get schooled by your article. 

    It’s not impossible but I have a hard time getting it to sink in. 

    On a second thought, they deserve some pampering  every now and then, so a pajama will do the job of not just pampering them, but also making them feel loved and part of the family. 

    • Hello Peace,

      I still suggest you do a google image search. The photos you will see are absolutely adorable 🙂

  • Hi Marissa,

    I’m happy to read your short review of Dog Pajamas. Because of in winter season, our animals are very much in trouble. You may feel bad about knowing, dogs and cats are neglected in India’s sub-continent. We have to feel sympathy towards pet animals. Thank you so much for such an important article. By the by, the name of all the Dog Pajamas are so sweet.


    • Hi there,

      Thanks for reaching out. It is unfortunate that dogs are neglected in certain areas of the world. 🙁

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