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Easter Clothes for Dogs

Easter Clothes for Dogs

Easter is not only an important day in the eyes of millions of Christians throughout the world but it also serves as a yearly milestone that seems to usher in the sense of spring. Granted, the “real” first day of spring is in March but Easter time is when the flowers seem to really begin their blooms, the trees open their buds and the grass becomes a summer-green once again.

And whatever you may think, or feel about the Easter holiday it certainly provides some excellent opportunities for some themed canine couture. We found so many fantastic easter clothes for dogs, so we’ve assembled our favorites in a few different categories below. Read on for some Easter inspiration to celebrate this beloved holiday with your favorite furry friend.

Terrific T-Shirts

T-shirts are simple, minimal and unrestrictive. They’re perfect for adding just a small touch of Easter flair to the weekend. Check out these winners below.

Blueberry Pet Soft and Comfy 2-Pack

Easter Clothes for Dogs

Double the shirts, double the fun. This set of t-shirts comes with two Easter themed sleeveless shirts. One sports an adorable, balloon-toting bunny and the other is a bit less obviously easter themed with its pink stripes and strawberries to be worn all summer long. The cotton-poly blend is cool, comfortable and machine washable. 

Don’t forget to check out Blueberry Pet’s other lovely designs that we love! Most notably including a little blue zebra making dandelion wishes.

Simple T

If you’re looking for something simple, yet colorful that embodies a spirit of easter well-wishing, this straight-forward, happy Easter, T-shirt may be exactly what you’re looking for. We love the pastel-toned design on a white background and the fact that this T is suitable for larger dogs as well as smaller ones, something that cannot be said for many dog clothes on the market today. But why should our big floofers be left out of the fun?

Black Tie

Easter Clothes for Dogs

With a fun twist on a formal tradition, this shirt is both gentlemanly and festive with a necktie-shaped easter bunny on a black shirt with silver trim. Puppies and very small to medium breeds can expect to find sizes that will fit.


If you’re looking for something more than just a t-shirt why not take a look at these full on costumes. Perfect for upping the festivity level or just to get that special Instagram pic, you’re sure to get plenty of easter “likes” with these dress-up clothes.

Easter Bun-Dog

Easter Clothes for Dogs

If you think your dog needs a job, why not give him a part-time gig as the easter bunny? Doggo is perfect to fill the role, and if you have kids, they’re sure to be delighted as well. This costume is complete with long pink ears that stand straight up and even a little cottontail in back. We think it would look especially adorable on a white dog. 

The easter bunny costume is also one of our rare finds that will fit even the largest of dog breeds!

Walking Bunny Costume

If you have a very small toy breed of dog they’ll be able to fit into this adorable (and absolutely hilarious) walking bunny costume by Pandaloon. Watch the video below to see how it works, although the rabbit version is not featured in the video. The little arms swing around and transform your tiny doggo into a brown easter rabbit complete with a carrot.

Just the Essentials

Easter Clothes for Dogs

We know not all dogs are into the costume wearing scene. And we DO NOT advocate for forcing your dog into anything that makes him uncomfortable.

So if your dog doesn’t seem to keen on wearing a full-on costume, you can go for just the minimum with this set of bunny ears, fluffy tail, and bright pink bowtie to round it all off. Made with stretchy elastics these fun little props will fit any sized dog.

Easter Collars

Sometimes our dogs want nothing to do with anything that even approaches human clothing. If that’s the case, never fear, you can still get in on the fun with an Easter themed collar for your best friend.


Easter Clothes for Dogs

Who doesn’t love bandanas! They’re a classic when it comes to dog accessories. Bandanas are the only accessory that seamlessly bridg the gap between dogs who strictly don’t wear clothes and those that do. We love the easter options available from Tail Trends. There are bunnies, chicks, flowers, eggs and every easter color imaginable.

Our Favorite

Easter Clothes for Dogs

As far as easter collars go, this one was our favorite one that we managed to find. The vibrant eggs just pop! The collar is made with durable materials with a D-ring for leash attachment so of course, it is not just an accessory. It’s also adjustable and suitable for dogs of all sizes!

We also love the bright blue design with rabbits as well.

Easter Dog Necktie

Ok, we admit that this one might be pushing the boundaries of the collar category, but it still goes around your dog’s neck so we figure it fits here. This easter egg tie actually comes with a real shirt collar. It’s the perfect Easter party wear, and good for the professional dog that still likes to get into the holiday spirit 😉


Roses, Roses, Roses

Easter Clothes for Dogs

We included this hoodie for those pet owners who want something that goes beyond easter. Ring in springtime with this flowery hoodie and then your dog can keep wearing it all year long. Roses don’t go out of fashion no matter what time of year it is.


We admit that we’re not exactly scarfing down peeps at Runway Rover Headquarters. Marshmallows are not our favorite taste. But look-alike peep hoodie costumes? Now that’s something we can get behind! Bright yellow with the peeps logo on the back, turn your pup into an iconic easter favorite with this soft and comfy peep chick hoodie.


Easter dresses are a long-standing tradition. Since Easter is largley a celebration of renewal and rebirth, wearing a brand new dress symbolizes and personalizes this concept. Bring your pooch in on this tradition with one of our favorite easter dressess below.

Easter Clothes for Dogs

This first dress is made specifically for large dogs although breeds as small as beagles can fit into their smallest size. The white ribbon belt, pleated skirt, and pale pink color make for a crisp and very elegant easter dress for your princess pup.

Easter Clothes for Dogs

If you’re looking for a dress that’s more exclusivley easter, this bunny printed dress with a silky rose patterned skirt is a beautiful choice.

Easter Clothes for Dogs

And finally, carrots and a pink, silk ribbon. Who could ask for more? Click each picture for more information or to purchase one of these specific easter outfits.

We hope you’ve found something that fits your fancy today! We included easter outfits for dogs of every inclination and size. Let us know what you think in the comments below! And if you would like to send some pics our way of your gorgeous pooches in their Easter attire we might just feature them on our blog!

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11 thoughts on “Easter Clothes for Dogs”

  • Absolutely adorable!  I can’t pass up cut doggy pictures, and these doggies in their Easter costumes just take the cake.  It’s great that you have all of the Easter essentials there on your page.  I like the bandanas, because that’s what I doggy wears when she dresses up.  I might have to get my Zoey doggy an Easter bandana, now that I know where to get them!  RhondaLeigh  

    • Hey there! Bandanas are such a perfect low-key way to add a bit of holiday flair without completely getting into the dress-up. We hope you’ll try one out.

  • Okay, I’m going to preface this by saying that I don’t have a dog. I love dogs, but I love cats more. That said my mom has a Chihuahua mix now that her two beloved long-haired Chihuahua dogs passed last year. Of old age. She LOVES clothes for them and I’m totally going to share this site with her. Probably on Facebook even. Me personally, I am not into dressing my pets up, and I give my mom a lot of gruff about it, but they ARE cute. Still totally sharing this with her! 

    • Hi Serenity,

      We totally understand that not every person, or dog is into dress-up. But for those that do like it, it can be a bonding experience and super fun. Certain types of clothing are even helpful for things like anxiety in dogs or for warmth during the cold season. Whatever you personally think about pet dress-up, thanks so much for visiting and sharing our article.

  • That’s a great idea on how to make the Easter more bright. When our doggy is happy, we are also delighted. The one I like the most is the Bunny Costume. I saw the shop has all sizes and it seems to be comfortable to wear as well. The walking bunny costume is hilarious, but our doggy won’t fit into it, as you said it’s only for a small breed.
    Glad to find your site, will be back for an inspiration 🙂


  • Hey there,

    I’ve really enjoyed reading this article as you’ve provided us with tonnes of valuable information on “Easter Clothes For Dogs”. A couple of weeks back, I’ve purchased the Easter Bun-Dog costume and it just looks amazing on my dog. I don’t know how the dog feels, but the material is quite soft and feels comfortable. It’s probably the best one out there which is of good quality and affordability.

    Thanks a lot for taking your precious time in writing this detailed blog post. Keep up the good work! 

  • Marissa, thank you for sharing your post about Easter Clothes for Dogs. I enjoyed reading and learning about the different ways to dress your dog for Easter.
    I thought the video was cute; The lion is my favorite outfit, like the way the dog outfits made them look like stuffed or toys.
    How do you get the dog comfortable wearing an Easter outfit? The reason asking, I was looking at the Doggie Hoodie and thinking in the winter-time I bet they like have that extra warmth. But I have seen dog waring pet clothes and they really don’t look like they like it.

    • Hi LeNard,

      It really depends on the dog. Some dogs love wearing clothes and others don’t. We don’t recommend forcing dogs that hate clothing into wearing it. However, if it’s just a case of helping your dog get used to it, or they need the clothing for safety or warmth you can slowly acclimate them to the clothing by associating it with rewards and treats. You can follow the same principles outlined at the end of THIS POST except instead of doing it with boots, do it with the clothing item you want your dog to wear.

  • I really love your mindset towards this coming easter, yes we should celebrate the period not only with our family members but all the lovely things around us that make us happy. I really love the pattern of your website and I am very much interested, I have bookmarked the page to get more latest posts from you henceforth.

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