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Extra Large Dog Coats

From comfy, cozy to high performance, here are a few of our favorite dog coats that will fit even the largest furbaby

Extra Large Dog Coats

You may wonder, ‘why would my dog need a coat if he’s already got one built in?’ Or perhaps the thought has never crossed your mind. Well, my friends, winter is upon us. And the fact is that many of our doggos are just not equipped to deal with the cold weather. The other fact is that even the dogs who are equipped can suffer when temperatures fall below freezing.

Larger, beefier dogs generally fare much better in the cold than smaller, skinny dogs. However, even large breeds won’t enjoy it when the mercury sinks! Here at Runway Rover headquarters, we deal with cold temperatures every day! And we know that it can sometimes be difficult to find those extra large dog coats you need to keep your big breeds comfortable.

So, for anyone in our neck of the woods, or any other similarly frigid climate, we’ve assembled this list of our favorite big coats for big dogs. Enjoy!

Derby Originals Waterproof Dog Blanket Coat

Extra Large Dog Coats

This coat is modeled after the Derby Originals winter blanket for horses. It is high quality and very durable. If you want your dog to stay dry in the rain, this is the coat for you. The 600 denier outer fabric is made from close-knit nylon that makes this coat totally waterproof! And the soft polyester insulation between the shell and the breathable nylon lining will keep your dog as warm as you are on your long winter walks.

This coat is available for all sizes of dogs even up to a 28.5 in back length! We also love the fact that the coat is adjustable. It features both a neck strap and a comfortable fuzzy belly band to secure around your dogs’ midsection. Flexible shoulder gussets allow your dog to walk and run unrestricted! We know that’s extremely important to him.

The Derby Originals Dog Blanket Coat checks all the boxes for us. We love the price, and we love the variety of fun color options!

Pawz Road Plaid Hoodie

Extra Large Dog Coats

This hoodie is absolutely adorable. It looks very similar to any hoodie a human would wear and yet it’s designed specifically for dogs. It comes in three beautiful colors (we personally are partial to the red.)

Made of premium flannel the hoodie is not waterproof but it will give your pet that bit of extra warmth he needs and keep him looking his best at the same time. Buttons make it easy to put this coat on your dog and the hood is detachable! We also love the small Velcro pocket. Use it to bring your dogs’ favorite toy or treat on the road with you!

The Pawz Road Plaid Hoodie has sizes up to 3XL which caters to dogs with a 25.6 inch back length. However, this hoodie does run a little large so keep that in mind when ordering.

Ruffwear Climate Changer Jacket

Extra Large Dog Coats

Ruffwear is the top dog (pun intended) when it comes to canine climate protection. Any Ruffwear dog coat will generally be more expensive than many others but it’s a brand you can trust.

We love the Climate Changer Jacket made of recycled, (save the planet while you’re at it why don’t you) breathable fleece. Fleece is quick-drying and will help keep your pup dry if there’s a bit of moisture in the air. This is a jacket that your pup can use from fall to spring. The design features short sleeves for added warmth and protects the chest, back and belly while leaving leg movement unrestricted. Perfect for a crisp morning run.

The Climate Changer comes in 3 trendy colors Twilight Gray, Baha Blue, and Alpenglow Pink. All three feature reflective trim to help you, or drivers on the road, spot your doggo and avoid any tragic accidents. The extra large size is good for dogs with up to a 42 inch (107 cm) chest circumference.

And as an added bonus, it’s machine washable! What’s not to love?

Ruffwear Vert Jacket

Extra Large Dog Jackets

We had to add another Ruffwear pick because with all the variety they’ve got going on over there, we couldn’t limit ourselves to just one.

If your dog is squirmy, broad-chested or just can’t tolerate a zippered jacket with sleeves like the Climate Changer, consider the Vert Jacket. It is easy to put on and secured with side-release buckles and optional leg loops for windy days. Constructed with mountain dogs in mind, the Vert is waterproof, windproof and has a fleece lining to provide some cozy insulation.

Does your dog like to wear a harness? Never fear, the leash portal on the Vert allows your dog to wear it over most harnesses and still take you for leash-secured walks. It also features a fold-up oversize storm collar for extra protection from the elements

Just like the Climate Changer, the Vert has reflective trim and is machine washable. All Ruffwear products are field tested and guaranteed against material and craftsmanship defects.

==> Click here to browse a dozen other high-performance Ruffwear jackets <==

Stretch Thermal Snugwear

Extra Large Dog Jackets

Does your pooch hate bulky jackets? Do you just need a bit of extra insulation for chilly days or cool indoor areas? Do you want something that can help soothe your dog’s anxiety? If you answered yes to any of these questions than the Stretch Thermal Snugwear could be a perfect fit.

The Thermal Snugwear is stretchable in all directions to fit snugly (as the name implies) on your dog. Your dog can wear the snugwear like a second skin and it will provide the extra warmth and comfort she needs to feel great both indoors and out. This jacket is also perfect for layering underneath a waterproof or windproof shell.

This item slips right on over your dogs head with no need to bother with zippers, buckles or any closure, and conforms right to the perfect shape. The Snugwear can accommodate dogs with a back length of up to 24 inches, but since it is so stretchy, make sure not to buy a size too big. It also comes in four attractive colors and is machine washable!

Jackets for Everydog

We hope you enjoyed this quick list of some of our favorite coats, especially for extra large dogs. And, if your dog is not so large, be aware that all these jackets come in smaller sizes too!

Be sure to check out all the other coats on offer from each of these retailers. Whether your dog is getting older, has short hair, needs belly protection to keep pesky ice balls from forming on her long hair, or just likes to snuggle up in a hoodie, there is something for everyone and we know you will find something your dog will love!

Please leave us your comments, questions, concerns, or dog stories in the comments below. We love to hear from you!

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18 thoughts on “Extra Large Dog Coats”

  • First of all, I absolutely love reading content from sites like yours because I can absolutely 100% feel all the love you have for animals in each paragraph. Secondly, I can’t get over how happy these dogs look in their coats. I’ve been looking into dog coats as a gift for my brother who lives up north. This post was exactly what I wanted to find. Thanks so much! Great write up!

    • Hi Eric!

      Aww, thanks for noticing. We do love dogs! They are family. We hope your brother loves whichever coat you decide to give him!

  • Hi, I like the Derby Originals dog coat the best.

    My baby is really big and doesn’t like walking in the rain too much, I want him to have a raincoat now, especially in the cold season.

    I like the fact that it is adjustable in many ways and there are so many colors to choose from. Thanks for the recommendation 🙂

  • I must say that this article is very interesting and helpful. I have two dogs but I have never bought those types of things for them. However, now I can see how a nice would coat could suit them. I will definitely order Pawz Road as I like how nicely designed it is. I often go out with them and I am sure that they will be satisfied wearing this warm coat.

  • Hello – I loved your article about the dog coats.  I have several different coats and fleeces for my dog.  I like the Ruffwear products because they last along time and are made well.  My dog is broad-chested, so I’m intrigued by the Ruffwear Vert Jacket.  It looks like that might be a good style for my dog.  I will have to look into that one.

    Thanks for the information,


  • I really like that Derby Waterproof Dog Blanket coat.  It looks so thick and warm and I know Cyrus would love it.  He’s a big dog, which is why I was excited to see your article.  He is also short-haired, and even though he’s a dog, he definitely gets cold.  He will crawl right under the blankets at night to sleep where it’s warm lol.  He’s such a big ol’ lover.  Great site and wonderful merchandise!

  • Thank you very much for this post.  You’re right, I really never considered a coat for my big dog, although it crosses my mind from time to time for our short haired Jack Russell.  I guess I don’t give it much thought because they have in/out privileges through the doggy door we installed and if they’re cold they just come in.

    That said, I am interested in possibly investing in a jacket or two in an effort to keep them dry and cleaner, as it gets a bit muddy out back when it rains.

    I have a semi-specific question for you…For dogs with in and out privileges in an area that hits 45-60 in the winter evenings, what’s your recommendation for doggie wear?

    Thanks again,


  • Oh my God don’t let my wife see this site, we’ll be ordering two of everything! lol. I like how your article was organized and easy to read. We have a Blue Healer/Collie mix and he seems to just love the cold and snow, although he’s not stuck out in the back yard for way too long either. If anything he’s probably too hot, the first thing he does when I let him out is a big nose dive in the snow and starts rooting around. 

    • Yep! If it’s not too cold, and they aren’t outside for extended periods of time, a lot of dogs will do just fine in the snow. Here, we deal with frequent temperatures approaching zero. Any dog would get cold at those levels!

  • Apart from protecting your dogs from the cold temperature, the clothing really makes dogs look good and fashionable. I can imagine how nice it would be putting on the same hoodie as my dog while taking a stroll in the winter snow. These are memories that never fade. Your list of coats for dogs is really exciting. Thank you.

  • Thank you for sharing this great article about coats for dogs.

    I bought the derby original waterproof blanket coat about two weeks ago for my Labrador retrievers because we were supposed to have heavy rain, but for some reason, my dog won’t let me put it on him. This coat is really well made, too bad my dog doesn’t want to wear it.

    • Hello! Dogs can definitely be uncooperative when it comes to clothing. We suggest taking it in small steps. Get one of your dog’s favorite treats ready. Then reward him for even the littlest thing such as looking at the coat. Then reward him for just touching the coat. Then drape it over his back for a little bit, slowly increase the time. Remember to reward at every step of the process that your dog lets you do. Once he is ready you can try to fasten it on. We hope you will give it another try. Good luck!

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