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Furminator Deshedding Tool Review

Furminator Deshedding Tool Review

There’s no doubt about it, we all love our furbabies. But sometimes we could use a little less fur on our babies, especially in the springtime when it seems possible to brush a whole ‘nother dog out of their coats. There are all kinds of coat types and subsequently all kinds of brushes, but if your dog (or cat) is the kind of doggo (or kitty) who sports an undercoat, then you need a deshedding tool!

And if you want a deshedding tool that’s worth beans, then keep reading because we’ve brought you this Furminator deshedding tool review to help you understand how it’s different from other de-shedders, whether it’s worth the money, and how it can benefit the lives of you and your little sheddy monster. 🙂

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Who Needs a Deshedding Tool?

If you don’t mind, let us answer that question with some questions.

  • Does your dog’s fur stay firmly attached to their body?
  • Does your dog have hair instead of fur, (like a Shih Tzu or a Poodle)?
  • Do you enjoy the healthy coating of dog fur covering your couches, carpets, and clothing?

If you answered yes to those questions then congratulations you could probably do without the deshedding tool. But for the rest of us, a deshedding tool can be a game-changer.

Deshedding tools are useful for both cats and dogs. They can significantly reduce the amount of vacuuming, lint rolling, and other hair clean-up you are probably currently spending your valuable time on (by up to 90%). And they can reduce the frequency of cat hairballs! We’re mostly going to talk about dogs from here on out, but if you’re a cat lover, the Furminator deshedding tool can benefit you and your feline friends too!

Undercoats and Overcoats

A lot of our favorite, fluffy doggies come with two coats. An overcoat and an undercoat. The overcoat is also called a guard coat and it consists of longer, coarser hair. The undercoat is soft, fluffy and shorter. Many dogs that were bred in cold climates have an undercoat to help protect them from the cold.

Furminator Deshedding Tool Review

Notable breeds with undercoats include golden & Labrador retrievers, huskies, German shepherds, and many, many others. In fact, there are many more double-coated dogs than single coated ones.

Double coated dogs generally shed all year round with a big ‘blow-out’ shed in the spring and fall as they transition between summer and winter coats. If you own one of these dogs, you’ll likely see an increase in discarded fur when it’s time for the ‘blow-out’ shed.

Only using a regular brush on your dog is not suitable because the guard coat will do exactly that, it will guard the undercoat from the brush prevent you from getting it out and throwing it away before it falls out on its own and collects into little fur bunnies on the floor.

Mechanics of the Furminator

Furminator Deshedding Tool Review

Enter the Furminator. The very name inspires fear in the hearts of all the fur-bunnies currently lurking underneath your piano bench. In contrast to dog brushes, the Furminator acts as more of a rake to reach under the topcoat and dislodge all the loose undercoat fur.

It is composed of a nice ergonomic handle, a deshedding edge and a furejector button that can be pushed to expel any fur that has built up in the Furminator. The deshedding edge is essentially long thin teeth with a skin guard that allow it to safely remove the loose hair without damaging your pet’s coat or cutting the skin.

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Our Personal Seal of Approval

We love the Furminator more than any other deshedding tool or brush that we have tried. And before we found the Furminator we tried a lot! Other tools just weren’t able to catch the fur as efficiently and easily as the Furminator did. The fur practically slides out of the coat like butter.

From the very first comb through, we saw a difference. And the best part about it? Our resident runway rovers love how it feels. Our golden retriever Sandy held still in absolute joy as we brushed through her coat. She was purring like a cat, and it was clear that the deshedding session was akin to a massage for her. Watch the video below to see it in action!

We found the Furminator to be sturdy and well-designed. It is easy to hold and weighted just right in order to slide easily across the dogs’ coat. It does not have any small pieces that could break or bend so it will last for years!

With a light touch, we were able to brush nearly every bit of Sandy’s coat although we wouldn’t recommend using the Furminator too close to the face or other delicate areas.


In order to greatly reduce the amount of loose hair you find around your house, we recommend following the Furminator directed pet grooming schedule. Brush daily, de-shed weekly, and bathe monthly.

We also recommend following the directions for use exactly as they are outlined by Furminator in order to work safely and avoid causing injury to your pet.

  1. Only use the Furminator on a dry coat as it will not work well on wet fur.
  2. Make sure that your pet has no sores, bruises or skin conditions. It is very important to check closely as these types of things can be concealed by the fur.
  3. Remove any tangles or mats in your pets’ hair before deshedding
  4. Gently stroke the Furminator down your pets coat in the direction of his hair growth starting from the head and working down toward the rump.
  5. Do not use excessive pressure as this could cause soreness on your pet’s skin

The Furminator worked so easily and naturally for us that we had no inclination to use excessive pressure. Fur slid out with almost no pressure at all!

Our Pro-Tips

We have found that using the Furminator immediately after bathing and drying the pet helps loosen hair and bring it closer to the surface to make for an even easier deshedding session.

Be aware that you will likely have piles and piles of dog hair once you’re done deshedding so it’s best to conduct the session outdoors to keep dog hair from migrating all over the house, that’s exactly what we’re trying to avoid, remember? Or, if it’s cold outside, arm yourself with the Furminator in one hand and the vacuum tube in the other and vacuum up all the fur immediately as it’s removed.

Furminator Deshedding Tool Vacuum Accessory

Furminator also offers a vacuum attachment but we found it to be easily clogged by the sheer volume of hair removed by the deshedder. It may work better for pets with less hair or smaller pets. Simply holding the vacuum tube worked quite well.

Which One Should I Buy?

Purchase the size based on your pets size and hair length.

The Furminator deshedding tool comes in 5 sizes for dogs from extra small to giant, and 2 sizes for cats. For each size, you can buy either the short hair version or the long hair version. If your dog or cat has hair longer than 2 inches the long hair size is right for you.

You can purchase the Furminator deshedding tool in many pet stores including Petco and Petsmart. And you can also find it online. PLEASE, BE AWARE that there are counterfeit versions circulating around the market, they are usually 10-20 dollars cheaper than they should be, and if you purchase one, it will not work as well and could be dangerous to your pet.

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We know that you won’t regret it. When used correctly in a regular grooming routine the Furminator deshedding tool could reduce the amount of loose fur to clean up around the house by up to 90%. Not to mention your furbaby will be grateful to get that itchy dead fur out of their coat as soon as possible! Your doggo will thank you!

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns drop a comment below. We promise to respond ASAP!

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14 thoughts on “Furminator Deshedding Tool Review”

  • Using a Furminator for your pet sounds like a good idea. Most pet owners could benefit from one in their pets lifetime. I had never thought of using one though as I have always left the job for my dog groomer and not considered it a do it yourself kind of thing. However, after reading your article, things are about to change. I think I had better give it a try!

    • Hi there! The Furminator is a great tool for those who don’t necessarily want to spend money on professional pet groomers all the time. Although they are very helpful with controlling hair as well!

  • Thank you for writing this review about the Furminator. I have two dogs, even though I sometimes forget that my poodle is actually a dog. He’s my constant companion. My other dog, Grace, is Great Pyrenees. When Grace starts shedding, her hair comes off in massive clumps. Most people are not familiar with Great Pyrenees and so they become very concerned about her shedding. They are concerned that she is ill. They end up making me feel like I am a bad dog mom because of her shedding.   

    So, this year I am hoping to find a tool that might speed the process up so that we do not have to endure so many questions. Do you think the Furminator would speed up the shedding or would I simply be helping her coat look smoother in the process?  

    In the past, I would just pull the clumps of hair off by running my fingers through her coat.  

  • We have a Furminator tool. At first, we were taken back by the price. But it works well. plus, it has a nice heft to it. So it is easy to use on our big fur baby couch potato. And when you have a double-coated dog, either get a good brush or a  really good vacuum cleaner. Because you will end up with fur bunnies to go along with your dust bunnies otherwise.

    • I’m partial to having both a good brush and a good vacuum cleaner to eradicate my fur bunnies. It’s a never-ending battle but the Furminator certainly helps keep me on the winning side at least! 

  • Hi 

    I have read this excellent review of Furminator Deshedding Tool thoroughly and believe this is a great choice for dealing with our dog’s excess hair and ugly fur. Though I have no problem for my dog, one of my friends is really worried about his dog’s abnormal shedding. I am going to refer him this tool and I think he will buy it for his dog to help control the shedding. Thanks for sharing this informative article.

  • Having a dog with a lot of fur can be really taxing at times. A lot of people might enjoy having a lot of fur on their dogs but not me. I do not like it and one of the reasons why I do not like it is the amount of work it normally takes to maintain a dog with thick fur.

    Unfortunately, the kids wanted one with a lot of fur so I was forced to get that. I have never made use of the Furminator and from your description, it seems it would make my job of brushing the fur out of my dog a lot easier.

    • Hi there Jay! What a noble sacrifice you have made in getting a fluffy pup for your kids. You’re a good Dad! I hope you will give the Furminator a try. I think you’ll find that it is a real time-saver

  • I have 2 dogs, 1 pointer with a very substantive top coat and very fine undercoat that most brushing tools fail to groom. And a collie cross with a very thick undercoat which most fine tools fail to penetrate. 

    I have a Furminator and have found that by following the manufacturer’s instructions and not grooming either dog until they are bone dry after bathing, then this tool is more than capable of grooming both dogs without any bother.

    • Hi Adrian! It’s an awesome tool, isn’t it? It’s so great that you can use one tool for two dogs with very different coat types.

  • This was an enlightening post on the Furminator de-shedding tool review. I had not heard of this tool but was doing a search for a tool to do just that. This looks like it is the best on the market, and I likely will get it for our dogs. I like all the details you have added to convince me!

    We definitely have fur bunnies and need to get them a new home! Your helpful tips and pro tips have been noted and I will refer again to this post after we get the tool. I am excited to try this as all the other de-shedding tools I have tried just do not work that well!

    Thanks for a good review and the link to the product sales page. I am heading there now…

    • Great decision Dave! It is seriously an amazing tool. I wouldn’t have given it such a glowing review if it hadn’t helped us out personally!

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