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Matching Dog Friendship Collar and Bracelet

Listen up my friends because this. is. adorable. We recently stumbled across a genius little item that will tie you and your pup together like never before. Remember making friendship bracelets as a kid? Somehow those matching bracelets pulled you and your best friends together into a secret friend club. It was you against the world, and you knew that as long as your bracelets matched, that friendship would never die.

Chances are you’ve moved on, met new people (including animals of course) and made new best friends. But those fond memories will always be there. And perhaps you still have one of those bracelets tucked away in a box somewhere. Well, get ready to resurrect the feeling of kinship and undying love, only this time with the best friend above all best friends, your one and only dog. You can get a matching dog friendship collar and bracelet for you and your fur baby.

These dog friendship collar and bracelet combos are made by a few different brands and come in so many different colors and designs. There’s something for everyone! Read on to see our top picks.


Pettsie makes great friendship collars in a variety of trendy designs. The dog collars are crafted from 100% natural hemp and canvas materials. Both comfortable and durable, they make your pet look great and feel great. A vintage D-ring allows you to attach your pet ID tags or leash.

The matching bracelets are made from cotton and are easily adjustable to fit any wrist size. All Pettsie matching collars/bracelets come in a recyclable earth-friendly gift box. We love the braided, two-part design of these bracelets, and we know that you will love wearing yours!

We love that Pettsie is focused on natural materials from the collar down to the box it’s packed in. They are earth conscious and quality focused. Pettsie gets great customer reviews. However, one Pettsie drawback is that sizes for some collars are limited to smaller dogs. So be sure to measure your dog’s neck. If Pettsie doesn’t have the right size for you, unfortunately, you may have to look somewhere else.

Here are our favorite Pettsie collars

A bowtie for the dapper dog

Looking for something to set your dogs collar apart from the rest? Why not add a little wooden bowtie? The bowtie is made from lightweight natural beech wood and is the perfect size for your stylish doggo. This simple, extra touch goes a long way towards making your dog win the best-dressed award every day.

The creamy woven hemp complements this cerulean blue patterned canvas collar perfectly. And the same goes for the human bracelet. You and your dog will love showing off the matching symbol of your everlasting friendship with all your human and animal friends.

Rose and crimson butterflies

Matching Dog Friendship Collar and Bracelet

The cute and trendy butterfly design on this friendship collar is perfect for the little lady dog. The bright red buckle pairs especially well with black and brown fur. The rose-tinted outer portion of both the collar and bracelet are perfectly complemented by the lace-colored woven inner portion.

This collar comes in small and medium sizes. It could be the perfect birthday gift for your little pup or your favorite dog-loving human!

For the Cat People

Let’s not forget the cat lovers among us. We recognize that there are many people who have a cat for a best friend. If you’re one of them, then take heart, Pettsie makes collars for cats as well.

Our favorite cat friendship collar is this beautiful turquoise and beige braided collar with a lightweight polished beech wood heart so your cat can carry a symbol of your love with her always. The pettsie cat collar and the human bracelet are both made with 100% cotton. They are natural, lightweight, and soft so you and your cat feel great wearing them.

The best part about this collar is it comes with a built-in safety breakaway buckle. Rest easy knowing your kitty will stay safe if the collar happens to get caught on anything while exploring.

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FriendshipCollar makes beautifully printed collars. Each FriendshipCollar is fashionable and looks very upscale. Designs are printed onto a vegan leather and FrienshipCollar boasts the worlds first PETA approved vegan pet brand. You can be sure that your purchase is animal approved and cruelty-free.

We love the variety of stylish designs and the gold-plated buckle and D-ring that give each collar an opulent finish. Each collar is consistently available in 8 different sizes, so you can get the perfect fit for your pooch no matter what design you are partial to. They also offer collars for cats, if your cat is into that.

FriendshipCollar’s cherry on top is that they donate a percentage of all profits to animals shelters across the country to help feed homeless pets until they can find their forever home.

Be aware, however, that FrienshipCollar does have mixed reviews when it comes to collar quality. FriendhsipCollar is a little lacking in the execution. Many purchasers have reported that the design wears away fairly quickly. So these may be better for a less active dog. Keep that in mind before purchasing.

Check out our favorite FriendshipCollar designs below.

Blue beaded print

We love the beaded design of this collar and bracelet. Can you say chic? The beads are printed on so you don’t need to worry about actual small beads falling off and perhaps getting swallowed by your dog. The dominant blue and white colors will pair great with any type of fur. and the bracelet looks just like a smaller version of the collar!

Groovy green

The smooth contours of this emerald and teal collar remind us of where a tropical jungle meets the ocean. Who wouldn’t want to be reminded of that every day? This collar and bracelet combo will conjure feelings of warmth, fun and tropical vacations. It will also look great on your wrist and around your doggo’s neck!

Classy plaid

You just can’t go wrong with this classic black and white plaid patterned collar. The simple colors and simple design equal simple elegance. Not to mention the ease of matching your bracelet with anything! We think this collar would look best on a dog with blonde fur. But many other fur colors will look smart as well.

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Argus Collar

Argus Collar’s are named after the faithful dog of Odysseus from Greek mythology who waited for his master’s return from Ithica 10 years! Who better to name a brand that ties human and dog together like no other, than an incredibly faithful dog that never gave up on his master?

Argus collars are created on the basis that we don’t want our dogs to have to wear collars that we wouldn’t want to wear ourselves. For this reason, they created stylish collar bracelet combos that every dog/ person can look good in.

We love that these collars are made of animal-friendly leather and come in several beautiful styles. They also fit all sizes of dogs with 7 different size options. These collars are not bite-proof though, so it is recommended that you remove the collar before rough play dates with other pooches. They are also water resistant but not totally waterproof so you may want to leave this collar at home when you go to the beach.

See our favorite Argus Collars below.

Bandana Paisley

Matching Dog Friendship Collar and Bracelet

For your beloved cowdog, or any dog who fancies himself a little western at heart, this bandana paisley collar and bracelet set are the collar of your dreams. You’ll fit right in at the ranch, the farm, or the rodeo. If your dog looks good in a bandana he’ll look great in this collar. And so will you in your bracelet that looks exactly like a little mini version, complete with a little gold buckle.

Gentleman’s Collar

Matching Dog Friendship Collar and Bracelet

This gorgeous collar is touted as a ‘gentleman’s collar’ however we think that the blue and gold ogee pattern is perfect for both ladies and gentlemen. Simple and elegant with the right amount of color to make you pooch pop while somehow remaining subtle at the same time.

The leather loop, as well as the gold buckle and d-ring, serve to complement this style perfectly. We think this collar would be perfect for a short-haired, light brown doggo. And of course, the matching bracelet would be great on any humans wrist.

Edgy skull and crossbones

Matching Dog Friendship Collar and Bracelet

For all the tough guys and the junkyard dogs, we’ve thrown in this edgy little number here on the end. But if a skull and crossbones can be cute, then you won’t find any cuter than these. We think this particular collar would look great on a German shepherd, Great Dane, or other large dogs that can look the part. But it would also do well on a little Yorkie, Maltese or another dog who may be small but knows who’s boss.

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We hope you love these collars as much as we do!

Whether you buy one mainly for yourself or for your pooch, we can’t wait for you to get your hands on yours and strut your stuff at the dog park. The matching friendship collar and bracelet can be a great conversation starter and will keep your pet close to your heart even when you aren’t together.

Do you plan on buying one of these collars? Which one is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!

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  • I have never heard of this product until I read your article – what a fantastic idea!  Not only do I want to order a set for me and my dog, these would make wonderful gifts as well.  The wide variety of patterns is excellent, as well as the ability to purchase these items for both dogs and cats.  This is a really interesting product, and thanks for your excellent article describing all of the details.

  • The groovy green and classic plaid are my favorite. Since I used to have a husky hesitated on the blue beaded print lol. This is so cute, how come I have never thought of wearing something matching my Max?!, my husky by the way. Glad to stumble across your website. So cute!

    Happy New Year!

    • Happy New Year Nuttannee. We’re glad you got a kick out of these adorable matching friendship collars and bracelets.

  • What an interesting topic! I do remember the friendship bracelet trend a while back. This is a genius idea to connect with your fur baby. 

    I think you did an excellent job going in depth with the different styles available to the customer. If I had a dog, you would have sold me. If someone is looking for a friendship collar and bracelet, this is the place to go!

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