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Valentine Gifts for Dogs and Dog Lovers

Valentine Gifts for Dogs and Dog Lovers

Once again Valentine’s day is almost upon us. If you’re in a relationship, you’ve probably been putting some thought into what you might purchase for that special someone. Perhaps you’ve already purchased something fantastic. But, if you haven’t thought about it yet, here’s a quick public service announcement for you: Valentine’s day is in less than a week so you’d better get cracking.

Regardless of whether you are dating, in a relationship, married or none of the above, why not get a gift for the one and only true BAE. Your dog. Yes, here at Runway Rover we think that dogs deserve Valentine’s day gifts too. Or maybe we just look for any excuse to spoil our pooches. In any case, check out this list of Valentine gifts for dogs and dog lovers alike.

Display your affection with a matching collar and bracelet combo

Valentine Gifts for Dogs and Dog Lovers

This gift is perfect for both dogs and dog lovers. Buy it for your own dog and stay connected by way of your matching bling even when you’re apart. Buy it for the dog lover in your life, and they’ll be so impressed that you thought to purchase a gift for both them and their precious pup.

There are many different stylish colors, designs and materials to choose from. But whichever you choose, one thing is certain, your loved-one will adore this unique gift!

We’ve already written at length about friendship collars in a previous article. Click here to view it!

“Candy” hearts!

Valentine Gifts for Dogs and Dog Lovers

These plush squeaker toys are a doggie-geared twist on a Valentine’s day classic. If you’ve got a plush-loving pooch, they’re guaranteed to love these adorable hearts. Get into the Valentine’s day spirit with a good ol’ squeaker toy romp, and enjoy the message of love from your pup.

The plush “candy” hearts come in purple or red, each with a different valentine message. The best part is, at a price point of less than 5 bucks, this toy is a super affordable gift for anyone. You could even buy both without breaking the bank! Find them at

“Free Kisses” Bandana Style

Valentine Gifts for Dogs and Dog Lovers

I don’t know about you but we absolutely love a handsome pup in a bandana. Bandanas are a quick and easy way to level up your rover’s style. And, with this bandana, you can level up his Valentine’s day style to boot. These cute bandana’s come in eight different colors including red, pink and even camo, and can be worn over a collar or even in place of one around the house.

Personally, we feel like any “free kissing” sign in the hands of a human is a tad bit creepy. But it couldn’t fit more perfectly around a dogs neck! Who can resist those puppy dog eyes?

Buy it now on Amazon!

Nothing says “I love you” like a dog with a rose

Valentine Gifts for Dogs and Dog Lovers

The dog lover in your life will find you irresistible when you present her with this rose-toting dog plushie. This sweet, stuffed pup is unbelievably soft and snuggable. The pup is made to last for years and will be a much-longer lasting reminder of your love than chocolate or flowers ever could be.

The rose puppy is surface-washable for easy cleaning and appropriate for ages one and up, so it would make a great gift for anyone, from your daughter to your grandma. After all, valentines day doesn’t just have to be about romantic affection. Show your love to the other important women and girls in your life as well.

Your love, and this sweater, will warm their hearts

Valentine Gifts for Dogs and Dog Lovers

Even though the groundhog predicted an early spring, it’s still chilly out there across much of the world right now. Help warm your doggo’s hear with this beautiful Valentine’s day pink argyle sweater. Right now, this gorgeous sweater is practically a steal on at 50% off the regular price.

The sweater comes in all sizes from extra small to extra, extra large. It’s made of soft-polyester with an easy pullover design and a leash hole for walks. And the best part is that the simple, stylish argyle design can be worn before, during and beyond valentines day.

Don’t forget the treats

Valentine Gifts for Dogs and Dog Lovers

Your pup will love these wheat, corn and soy free, Valentine dog treats. We couldn’t agree more with the Lazy Dog Cookie Company when they say, “Every dog deserves a piece of pie.”

And isn’t that even more true on valentine’s day when people have been showering each other with chocolates and treats since the eighteenth century. Why shouldn’t your pooch get a delicious, sprinkly, all-natural, treat as well?

A card to complete the ensemble

Valentine Gifts for Dogs and Dog Lovers

If you’re buying for a human, including a card communicates extra thought and shows that you really care. Whether you’re buying one or more of the above gifts for your dog-loving belle adding a card will help you communicate your true feelings for her.

This Hallmark signature Valentine’s day card is made in the shape of a puppy. The cover is stitched felt and folds open to a pink, polka-dot interior. Score bonus points with your pun-loving significant other with the cute and funny message written on the inside. Add a few meaningful lines of your own to personalize and complete the card.

Happy Valentine’s Day

We hope that your dog, you and your boo enjoy these cute little gifts, this Valentine’s day. Whether you’re celebrating with a person or a pet, hopefully, we’ve been able to provide you with some inspiration.

If you want to add even more cuteness to your gift, and If you live in the Indiana, Indianapolis area, check out this news article to learn how you can help support a good cause and melt hearts by having a service dog in training deliver your Valentine gift.

Do you give Valentine’s day gifts to your dog? Let us know in the comments below.

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29 thoughts on “Valentine Gifts for Dogs and Dog Lovers”

  • Great post about Valentine gifts for dogs and dog lovers. I have an older woman and her little corgi who live across the hall from me at my apartment building.  She and her pooch are the sweetest souls you will ever meet.  I have wanted to do something special for her for the longest time but I never saw the right item.  I think that the matching collar and bracelet would be perfect! I think she will really appreciate the fact that the gift is for her and her favorite little four-legged friend.  And at $20.00 it is the perfect price point for a neighbor/friend.  Thank you so much for these great suggestions

  • These valentine’s gift ideas for dogs and dog lovers are pretty neat. I am planning to surprise my best friend and her pet dogs with some special gifts this heart’s day but couldn’t figure out exactly what to get for them. I thought that dog treats are okay but I really like the matching bracelet and collar combo. And they come in different colors, that’s just great! I love the sweaters too, they’re perfect for my cats and my best friend’s dogs.

    A happy valentine’s day to you!

  • Yeah. I can’t agree more with the concept of dog lovers coming up with a gift for their dogs in this season of Valentine’s and to me, it is a nice gesture of love. From your post, I think I would really like the “FREE KISSES” BANDANA STYLE for my dog. I think he would look so good in a red bandana. I will check more about it, but on another day I may also go for a rose. So cute on dogs. 

  • What a really nice way to take on the Valentines Day tradition – after all, pets manage to take up a lot of our love (regardless of species!). 

    My choice from the options above would be the Pup Pie treats you mention – the quickest way to my dog’s heart is ALWAYS through his stomach! 

  • Wow! this is an excellent post about valentine gifts for dogs and dog lovers. One of my best friends was looking for something special for her dog. I believe a matching collar and bracelet will be the perfect choice for her. I am going to share this article with her. I think it will help many people to decide on a wonderful gift for their dogs. Thanks for sharing this helpful information.

  • Thanks for this amazing review on Valentine gifts for dogs, honestly wasn’t planning anything to get my dog for Valentine’s Day, but this post changed my mind, It’s still winter, and there’s a good chance my dog would light up at the thought of a cozy Valentine’s Day-themed sweater. Thanks for this great post.

  • Wow! It is a great idea to give a valentine gift for a dog. Really dogs deserve it, as they often love us more than anyone else and never betray. Great idea.

    And, if your beloved one is the owner of a dog, then he/she will be very happy to receive such gifts.

    I do not have any dog friends with me at this moment, but I am a great lover of street dogs, and regularly offer them food. So I like the idea of cookies, and I also like the sweater; they really suffer a lot in the cold season when we all sleep under the rag.

    It was nice to read your post. 

  • Hi Marissa,

    Great review. Valentine day is very close and the thought of buying gift for the loved ones has filled many minds. 

    I agreed, valentine shouldn’t only be for partners. It should also be for anyone very close to us. 

    Our pets are always our companions when there isn’t anybody there for us. I think they deserve some gifts too.

    I love the pink argyle sweater. It looks great.

    Thanks for sharing.

  • Hi,

    I have read your whole list of Valentine gifts for dogs. This is really wonderful information and perfect timing for me to find. I have been very worried about giving my girlfriend a Valentine gift. My girlfriend is a dog lover and I’ve been wanting to get her something special, but I just couldn’t think of something. Your information is very helpful for me and has given me lots of ideas. I think that I’m going to get her the matching collar and friendship bracelet. It’s a unique gift that I think she will love very much.

    • Hi there, just make sure your girlfriend doesn’t find this article and read your comment before Valentine’s Day. Wouldn’t want to spoil the surprise 🙂

  • This is actually a great post.  I mean, I’ve never seen anybody give this type of gift before. But they’re all really good ideas. My grandma is coming tomorrow with her lovely pet. You just gave me a perfect idea of how to make her valentine cool. I’m going to give her dog a CANDY HEART. She is gonna be so happy!

  • Awww, the bracelets/ collar combo is just a wow for my dog. I like it. It’s attractive and looks original. I really need to purchase it. Another Valentine’s gift I like there for my dog is the sweater. I think she will enjoy wearing and it and feel toasty warm. It will also look very nice on her.

  • Valentine’s Day is a very special day. A day to show love to friends, family and loved ones. However, it’s not about showing love to humans alone, it’s also very important to show love to our pets too, buy them gifts and make them feel happy too. Great post there, nice gifts suggestions most especially the free kiss bandana, looks so cool 😎 .

    • I agree, even though your dog won’t understand what Valentine’s day is, he will understand the joy of receiving an awesome gift!

  • Nice article that come just exactly at the appropriate moment. I was thinking about various gifts that I could buy but it never occurred to me about dog-related valentine gifts. It certainly is a bit out of the common but I like that instead of buying the usual boring stuff. You gave me some great ideas with your article so thank you!

    • You’re welcome! If you’ve got a dog lover in your life, I think they would love one of these gifts. They’re great because they will last a long time instead of just a few days like most Valentine gifts. 

  • Thanks for this excellent post about valentine gifts for dogs and dog lovers. Valentine’s day is around the corner and it is important to note that even our pets need to be shown some love and affection. Buying gifts for our dogs during this special season is the best way to show that we care for them. I love the collar and bracelet combo, I will buy it for my younger brother and his darling dog. I am pretty sure he will appreciate it. 

  • this valentines day is going to one of a kind because I just got a new dog. I will definitely be taking him out this Valentine’s day for a treat and I hope he enjoys it. I will also be giving a nice gift to him. I just hope we both fall in love with each other. 

    I am also falling in love with that “FREE KISSES” BANDANA STYLE.

  • Hi Marissa, 

    A very good article about a dog’s Valentine’s Day gift! It is also a very good idea to send a dog’s Valentine’s Day gift to someone you love. I really like the matching collar and bracelet combo, candy hearts, and rose-toting dog plushie. Because I like all three of these gifts, I’m not sure which one to get. This is the first time I have thought about a dog Valentines day git and I can’t wait to try it.

    Thanks for sharing this article!

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